Hole in one

It has been a while since I got down & dirty with Maud & Gertrude, so I thought I'd better fill that hole. 

This weekend has therefore been all about mocking up some bits and bobs involving holes, ornaments, Granby Light amongst others... & then for kicks trying out some paper manipulation.

The round window...

Maud & I have been working on a little commission. There are holes, Bugra Butten & Somerset Newsprint... 

Shanks (minus the pony)

I recently added a new specimen book to the Red Eel Press library... click on any image to view slideshow:

Shanks, P.M. & Sons, Ltd (1910) Specimens of printing types. London: P.M. Shanks & Sons, Ltd

Say it with fleurons

The super 'A suite of fleurons or a preliminary enquiry into the history & combinable natures of certain printers' flowers conducted by John Ryder' arrived in the post this morning, features the lovely Granjon's Arabesque amongst others.

Seeing red

This week I've been printing some lovely Monotype borders in red, in particular No.167, 24pt one of my favourites.

I am rather pleased with the results and decided to create the Red Eel's first mixed correspondence notecard set, which are now available on Etsy & Folksy.

Monotype border, No.167, 24pt & Monotype border, No.202 & 204, 24pt


Being a Librarian I felt compelled to identify, index & catalogue the ornaments, borders, corners & blocks in the type cases of the Red Eel Press. You can explore the index in more detail over at www.redeelpress.co.uk/ornaments, which I will be expanding & adding to on a regular basis.

I used my growing collection of specimen books & a couple which are available online to help with the task:

Caslon Letter Foundry, The (1953) Specimens of printing types from Stephenson Blake: the Caslon Letter Foundry Sheffield, Sheffield, The Caslon Letter Foundry

Lanston Monotype Machine Company (1917) Monotype borders & ornaments, [Philadelphia], Lanston Monotype Machine Company

Lanston Monotype Machine Company (1922) The Monotype specimen book of type faces, Philadelphia, Lanston Monotype Machine Company

Monotype Corporation Limited, The (1948) Specimens of the typefaces, borders, ornaments, rules & other material cast on 'Monotype' type composing & casting machines, London, The Monotype Corporation Limited

Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd (1932) Printing types: borders, initials, electros, brass rules, spacing material, Sheffield, Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd