As is becoming traditional here at the Red Eel Press, I appear to have accidentally obtained another desktop press...

To cut a long story short I recently purchased a new set of rollers from Caslon, for Maud, my existing HQ1. Pondering the Adana price list, emailed to me by a very helpful lady called Cheryl,  I noticed a QH Flatbed listed with 'TBA' where the price should be.

I took a punt & enquired what the price of a QH1 would be if they had one in stock at a future date. Cheryl came back with a price & the happy news that they had one QH1 in the building, which would take a couple of weeks to refurbish & dispatch if I was interested... needless to say I snapped Cheryl's arm off at the elbow.

The ever helpful Roy Caslon arranged for the preened & polished Gertrude to be hand delivered by a lovely chap (Steve) who drove all the way from St Albans to Yorkshire on a rainy Wednesday morning this week.  I arrived home from libraryland that evening to find her lovely greenness sitting in the hall, primed & ready for printing.