Bibliography: Specimen Books

American Type Founders Corporation, the (1912) American specimen book of type styles: complete catalogue of printing machinery & printing supplies , New Jersey, The American Type Founders Corporation

Caslon Letter Foundry, The  (1953)  Specimens of printing types from Stephenson Blake: the Caslon Letter Foundry Sheffield, Sheffield, The Caslon Letter Foundry

Horsfall & Sons (Startype) Ltd (19--) Startype, Birstall, Horsfall & Sons (Startype) Ltd.

Lanston Monotype Machine Company  (1917)  Monotype borders & ornaments , [Philadelphia], Lanston Monotype Machine Company

Lanston Monotype Machine Company  (1922)  The Monotype specimen book of type faces , Philadelphia, Lanston Monotype Machine Company

Ludlow Typograph Company (19--) Some Ludlow typefaces, Chicago, Ludlow Typograph Company

Monotype Corporation Limited, The (1971) Specimen book of 'Monotype' rules, borders, figures, etc , Redhill, The Monotype Corporation

Monotype Corporation Limited, The  (1948)  Specimens of the typefaces, borders, ornaments, rules & other material cast on 'Monotype' type composing & casting machines, London, The Monotype Corporation Limited

Mouldtype Foundry Limited (19--) Mouldtype specimen book, Preston, Mouldtype Foundry Limited

Shanks, P.M. & Sons, Ltd (1910) Specimens of printing types. London: P.M. Shanks & Sons, Ltd

Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd  (1932)  Printing types: borders, initials, electros, brass rules, spacing material , Sheffield, Stephenson, Blake & Co. Ltd

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