Paper Chasing

I ran a paper test yesterday/today:

  • Paper* - Various, Lawrence '2015 General Printmaking Papers Sample Book'
  • Press - Adana 8x5
  • Packing - Swiss packing from Happy Dragon Press, bottom blanket/brown packing x 2/folded A4 template sheet/Mylar plastic top sheet
  • Type - Medium (6 x 6.5 cm) arts & crafts spade/heart wooden block
  • Ink - Rubine Red, Caligo Safe Wash RELIEF Ink, hand inked

*sample book consists of 33 papers including:

2228 Bread and butter paper 270gsm

22391 Hahnemnhle etching white 300gsm

22401 Velin arches blanc 250gsm

22451 BFK rives blanc 210gsm

22464 Fabriano rosaspina white 285 gsm NOT

22471 Somerset soft white textured 300gsm NOT

22601 Kent edition 190gsm ...and many more