The Red Eel Press was setup in mid-2011 and specialises in letterpress and print pieces.  A Librarian by day I work from a small home print shop and have been printmaking since 'accidentally' purchasing a desktop press in early 2011.     

All work is hand set and printed on an Adana 8x5 platen press, an Adana QH flatbed and a Cropper & Charlton Peerless press using cotton/FSC certified and recycled papers, Adana or water soluble/renewable linseed oil-based inks, wooden blocks, metal ornaments and metal/wood typefaces.  

The emphasis of the press is on clean and simple printmaking, inspired by the arts and crafts movement, 19th century book art, a love of good design and the printed word.

Samantha, The Red Eel Press                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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